• The Ultimate Herpes Protocol Review: Does It Really Work or Is It A Scam?

    You are probably curious The Ultimate Herpes Protocol is a scam or real solution? Before I cover that, I'm going to share my own personal review of the product, because I have suffered from herpes myself for a long time.


    (Note: This is a review. Click Here if you're looking for the official website.)

  • My Story

    When I first discovered the book, I was very skeptical about the credibility of the author and the promises her website made. So, I did a lot of online research, read tons of reviews, and looked at different possible cures for herpes. Most blogs and websites say that herpes is not curable. Medical experts, doctors and research scientists also say that you cannot actually get rid of herpes, you can only control it with prescription medication.

    I had nothing to lose...

    I watched the entire video on the official site of The Ultimate Herpes Protocol and felt it was worth a shot to try it. I desperately wanted to get rid of herpes and since there was little risk in buying the book with their 60 day money back guarantee, I figured I really had nothing to lose.


    Melanie Addington's video shared her personal story of how she contracted herpes and the painful experience she went through after she broke up with her boyfriend, who no longer wanted her because she had herpes. Her story really resonated with me, because I feared being alone forever because I had herpes.

  • Who is Melanie Addington?

    You're probably wondering who Melanie Addington, the author of the Ultimate Herpes Protocol eBook, really is. So let's talk about her experience and how she ended up creating her book to help herpes sufferers.

    About The Author & Her Story

    Melanie is the daughter of a renowned physician and contracted herpes from her boyfriend, who later left her because of her condition. Naturally, she was very embarrassed and decided she would do anything to eliminate the herpes virus as quickly as possible so she could get her life back.

  • How She Ended Up Writing Her Book

    Her story began when one day she noticed painful sores on her butt. After her boyfriend discovered this, he no longer wanted to spend time with her because he was terrified on contracting the virus. He explained that he couldn't risk his own health by being with her and that it wasn't her fault.


    At this point, Melanie went on a mission to find a cure for her condition. First she consulted with medical experts and doctors to find a solution, but to her shock and disappointment, nobody was willing to share with her a way to permanently get rid of the virus. Instead, every doctor told her the only option was to live with it and take prescription drugs like Zovirax, Famvir, Valtrex, even though they gave her horrible side effects and barely worked.


    After getting sick of taking medications and their side effects, she confessed to her father, a highly respected physician, about her condition and asked for his help. Her father didn't believe that big pharmaceutical companies had all the answers, and he suggested an alternative treatment method for Melanie. Being completely out of options, she decided to give it a try.


    A few weeks into her new treatment, she noticed she wasn't getting any outbreaks and ultimately ended up getting rid of the virus completely. It was an amazing moment for Melanie and so she decided to share it her method with the world in the form of a book. Originally she wanted to give the book away for free, but after finding out how hard it was to get the word out, she started charging for it, while also donating some of the proceeds to charity and ongoing research.

  • What Is The Ultimate Herpes Protocol?

    Melanie did all the hard work for people who tried other methods to eliminate herpes and failed by writing her book The Ultimate Herpes Protocol. She created it to help others cure herpes, which according to conventional medicine is impossible.


    The Herpes Protocol was tested on several other patients before she released it to the public to make sure it wasn't a fluke. After gathering dozens of positive reviews and emails from her customers all around the world, she was ready to share it with everyone. The positive feedback she got proves that the Ultimate Herpes Protocol is not a scam.

  • Does the Herpes Protocol Work?

    Her program works in 3 stages to stop herpes. The 3 stages given in her book are work by killing the virus on the surface of the skin to prevent it from coming back. Even though there are two types of herpes (HSV-1 and HSV-2) they both can be treated with the all natural methods inside of UHP, which do not require any harmful chemicals or drugs.

    The 3 Steps To Get Rid of Herpes

    1. Strengthening Your Immune System - In this phase one, the book introduces you to methods that you can use to boost your immune system. One of the reasons you contacted herpes was because your immune system was weak. Many other viruses can overpower your immune system, something you must prevent at all costs.
    2. Eliminating The Virus - Phase two deals with eliminating the real virus. Note that; these viruses are naturally problematic pathogens that are not easy to deal with.
    3. Preventing Future Outbreaks - The final phase of the natural treatment that contains the actual methods of actually preventing the virus from cloning itself.
  • What You Get

    For $37, you can instantly download the detailed 37-page digital book covering everything about the herpes virus and how to treat it in 3 phases using all natural methods.


    After reading the book, I was impressed that this isn't a generic "miracle" cure you all over the internet. Melanie actually struggled with herpes herself and shares her personal experience of what actually what for her to get rid of herpes and get her life back. Also, since the treatment focuses on improving the immune system, your overall resistance against all viruses is boosted.


    The book includes a detailed Frequently Asked Questions section to cover any concerns you might have and can be easily viewed on Windows or Mac, iPad or Tablet. Make sure you download the eBook from the official website to ensure you receive a Legal copy.

  • Pros & Cons

    Below are some of the the pros and cons of using the herpes protocol.

    The Pros

    • Proven method from someone with herpes
    • 100% natural treatment method
    • Works quickly to get rid of herpes
    • Prevents future outbreaks from occurring
    • Boosts immune system and overall health
    • Comes with 2 Free bonuses
    • Easily affordable, one-time $37 payment
    • 60-Day Money Back Guarantee (no questions asked, no hassles)

    The Cons

    • Not recommended for women who are pregnant
    • Not available in hard copy (However, you can print the PDF ebook)
  • Is The Ultimate Herpes Protocol A Scam?

    After reading my review, you've probably realized by now that The Utlimate Herpes Protocol is NOT a scam. Sometimes when a product is released that promotes a natural way to heal the body or get rid of a disease or virus, pharmaceutical companies will try to hurt their reputation by promoting fake complaints. They rely on peoples ignorance of medicine to discredit natural solutions and promote their prescription medications and expensive treatments.


    Hopefully you understand what Melanie's UHP is about and how it can help you. You can download the book from the official website here with a one-time payment of $37. Even though the book is not free, it's much less compared to prescription medications and ointments, and time wasted in frustration and loneliness. I believe UHP is worth a try and offers more value than what is costs.


    Most importantly, the system is all-natural and will help strengthen your immune system and improve your overall health. With that being said, I completely endorse The Ultimate Herpes Protocol and would recommend it to anyone who wants to conquer the herpes virus and get their life back.


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