• The Ultimate Herpes Protocol Review: Does It Really Work or Is It A Scam?

    If you're reading this page, chances are you've heard about the Ultimate Herpes Protocol and you're wondering, "is this a legitimate solution or some kind of scam?"


    Well, I'm glad you're here, because this is the reason I created this website, to provide an honest review of the Ultimate Herpes Protocol, as a customer who actually purchased the ebook.


    (Note: This is a review. Click Here if you're looking for the official website.)

  • Who Is Melanie Addington?

    Melanie Addington, the author of the Ultimate Herpes Protocol eBook, wrote her book from her personal experience of contracting herpes and trying desperately to find a solution that actually worked.


    Her nightmare began one day when she noticed some painful red sores on her butt. She was torn when she discovered those sores were actually genital herpes. To make matters worse, when her boyfriend found out about this, he reacted in a negative way. He was completely unsupportive and no longer wanted to spend time with her out of fear that he would get herpes too.


    She Tried Prescription Drugs


    Shocked and devastated, Melanie decided she would do absolutely anything to get rid of the virus and save any chance she had of having a happy love life. So she started where everyone did, she went to her doctor.


    To her disappointment, all her doctor did was prescribe drugs with terrible side effects like Valtrex, Famvir, and Zovirax. The drugs barely worked and had awful effects on her body, so she stopped taking them and looked for another solution.


    Her Final Attempt


    As a last resort, she turned to her father, a renowned physician and medical expert, for advice. Although she was completely embarrassed and ashamed to talk to him about her condition, he was totally supportive and gave Melanie a breathe of fresh air and hope.


    Her father was very "anti-establishment" and did not support big pharma and conventional treatments, so he suggested Melanie try an experimental treatment to kill her herpes virus. Since she trusted her father and was out of options, she gave it a shot.


    Her Results


    After of couple weeks of this new "weird" treatment, Melanie experienced something she did not expect. Her outbreaks completely stopped! She was overwhelmed with joy that something so simple could be so powerful and kill this monster known as herpes.

    So She Decided To Write A Book

    After getting her health and life back from her father's strange but effective treatment, she decided to publish it in a book to share with the world. She wanted to give it away for free, but decided to charge for it to reach more people and also donate some of the proceeds to ongoing scientific research.

  • What Is The Ultimate Herpes Protocol?

    Melanie's journey from herpes-sufferer to herpes-freedom became a hit sensation when she released it online, and testimonials from satisfied customers began pouring in, without her even asking. She knew with all the positive feedback she was getting, she could confidently sell the book. Just the fact that she has people sharing their stories and results proves this is not a scam.

  • Does It Actually Work?

    The system helps fight the herpes virus in 3 simple stages. Even better, it fights both types of herpes (HSV-1 and HSV-2). And it does it all without the use of harmful chemicals or drugs. Everything inside the guide is all natural and safe for your body.

    The 3 Phases To Get Rid of Herpes

    1. Strengthening - First, the book explains methods you can use to strengthen and boost your immune system. A weak immune system makes it harder to fight the herpes virus, so strengthening it first will help you combat the virus, while reducing the severity and frequency of your outbreaks.
    2. Elimination - Second, you'll learn how to eliminate the virus from within the cells of your body. Keep in mind, that this viruses is not easy to get rid of because it is protected with a protein coating and hides from your immune system.
    3. Prevention - Lastly, the book will explain some simple methods and practices to prevent the virus from coming back. It's very important to follow all 3 phases exactly as described to get the best results.
  • Here Is What's Included:

    You can download the detailed 37-page digital book instantly which covers everything about the herpes virus and how to treat it in 3 phases using all natural methods, for just $37 bucks. There are extra bonuses and additional guides offered, and although they are helpful in accelerating your results, they aren't required.


    Her book comes with a comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions section to cover any concerns you might have. And since it's a PDF, you can easily read on Windows or Mac, iPad or Tablet. (Note: Make sure you download the eBook from the official website to ensure you receive a Legal copy.)

  • Pros & Cons

    Below are some of the the pros and cons of using the herpes protocol.

    What I Like About It

    • Legitimate solution from someone with herpes
    • Uses 100% natural treatment methods
    • Works quickly to get rid of herpes
    • Prevents future outbreaks from occurring
    • Boosts immune system and overall health
    • Comes with 2 Free bonuses
    • Easily affordable, only $37
    • 60-Day Money Back Guarantee (no questions asked, no hassles)

    What I Did NOT Like:

    • Does not work for pregnant women
    • Only available in digital format, not hard-copy (But you can print the ebook)
  • Is The Ultimate Herpes Protocol A Scam?

    After reading my review, you've probably realized by now that The Ultimate Herpes Protocol is NOT a scam. Hopefully you understand what Melanie's UHP is about and how it can help you. You can download the book from the official website here with a one-time payment of $37.


    Even though the book is not free, it costs much less than you'll spend if you try to eliminate herpes using the traditional methods such as prescription drugs and ointments. With that in mind, I believe The Ultimate Herpes Protocol is worth a try and offers more value than what is costs.


    I was impressed with the lack of hype her book provided. She cuts straight to the facts and tells you what works, what to avoid, and how to get your health back for good. Most importantly, her system is all-natural and will help strengthen your immune system and improve your overall health.


    Overall, I completely endorse The Ultimate Herpes Protocol and would recommend it to anyone who wants to conquer the herpes virus and get their life back.


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